About Us

K.I.A. was established in march 1997, leasing a property at no 1 Bell street Preston with my self and 1st staff member Ray Harris.

Hard work coupled with fantastic clients and suppliers saw the company grow to a staff of 7 in 3 years .

Purchases of new screen print machinery and starting a pad printing dept enabled us to improve on quality and turn around times to give our clients an edge in a very competitive market.

November 2004 K.I.A. purchased our current location  7/11 Macquarie Drive Thomastown.

It was with  mixed feeling  that in July 2013 Ray decieded to start his own business as a handy man (after 15 years @ KIA) Ray has gone on to make a great success, now based in sunny QLD, KIA would not be where are today without the fantastic employee and friend in Ray (cheers mate)

K.I.A. gained quality assurance in 2013 with the VF corporation followed by Coke Amital and Walt Disney corporation along with there support and advice we transitioned into a more environmentally conscious company.

We removed all carcinogenic inks (this why we will never print certain types of inks) and additives (ammonia and formaldehydes) we started a recycle program to minimize waste and then invested considerably in solar energy.  We have currently 85 solar panels installed creating 80% of our electricity needs, the main thing is we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint, if there is one thing i have learnt over this journey, when you get an opportunity take it on but remember it is not only you that you must consider.

Anthony Robbins - CANI Constant And Never-Ending Improvement