Artwork - Preferred Format

  • Our preferred format for all graphics files, are either vector EPS or Adobe Illustrator AI files.
  • Text must be converted to outlines.
  • Images placed into a file need to be either embedded or supplied as separate files.
  • Files should be supplied to scale where possible.
  • If files are not supplied to scale, design dimensions are required.
  • Images must be a minimum of 300 dpi.
  • PMS colors must be quoted.

Artwork - Other Formats

PDF files can be used depending on originating artwork – image must be at least 300dpi, & created at printing size.

JPEG files are generally not of a good enough quality to create print ready artwork, but can sometimes be used depending on quality – image must be at least 300 dpi, &created at printing size.

CorelDraw files

Word Documents or any other Office based programs are not sufficient for finished artwork. Artwork creation fees would apply to any of these formats [See Below for details] Print Sizes

How large can I print my design?

On light colored garments that don't require an under base, we can print a maximum of  38cm wide x 58cm long

On dark colored garments  that do require an  under base, we can  print a maximum of  38cm wide x 48cm long

Can i supply shirts?

Yes no hassles as long as they are from a reputable supply,  see our prefered partners



Turn around?

We ask for a min 7 - 10 working days, but as we all know, sometimes it just does not happen that way. We work with our clients to make sure all time lines are met, managing the end users expectations can be a nightmare.

We are Screen Printers, not Miracle Workers!